Welcome to the USA Erin and Amanda!

Tonight 13-year-old Erin arrived in NYC with her mom Amanda. They just traveled 10,000 miles from South Australia to the USA as part of The Truth 365 campaign. Erin’s wish is to bring more awareness to childhood cancer and we want to help her. Special thanks to Children’s Wish Foundation International for making this trip possible!

Amanda is just as I expected but I am shocked at Erin’s confidence and energy. She has been fighting brain cancer (DIPG) for 14 months yet she is very self-assured and you would never know that she had ever been sick. She is very funny too. (She has been watching American sitcoms since she was a little kid! “Friends” is part of the reason she picked NYC for her trip!)

Tomorrow is their first full day here in the States and we will post another update soon. We will be in NYC through Thursday and then will head to Washington, DC for a couple of days. Please welcome Erin and her mother by commenting on this post.

Thanks, Mike — with Amanda Erin Griffin.

Erin Griffin taking some time out to embrace Central Park NYC - May 2013

This was to become the beginning of one the most treasured things in Erin’s life. Joining TheTruth365 childhood cancer campaign gave Erin purpose, strength, and power over the cancer that invaded her life, her childhood. I too was pretty shocked at Erin’s confidence from the minute she stepped out at JFK airport, NYC. My social work background impacting on my parenting, as such Erin was raised to not trust anyone, especially strange men. There was a connection between Erin and Mike Gillette (co-founder, thetruth365) from the start, Erin felt completely at ease in Mike’s company. We had barely driven out of the airport before the 3 of us felt like we had connected for a reason far and beyond this first visit.

Thank you Mike


Erin Griffin joins TheTruth365 Childhood Cancer Campaign in U.S.

Erin traveled 10,000 miles from South Australia to the USA as part of The Truth 365 campaign May 2013