Losing my mobility

I was happy. I was going on holiday to Scotland to see my family and friends but something happened on the plane. Something happened on the plane which messed with my head, my brain cancer.

I was in Dubai. I had a bad headache. I was in severe pain. I was being sick, even drinking water. The pain killers wouldn’t work, but eventually, the ondandanzatron worked (anti=sickness medication). While this was happening, we had about 1 hour to get to our next flight.

Then we flew to Scotland. It was good, but my walking slowly got worse. During my holiday in Scotland, my mum, dad, and family had to help me do things I would usually do myself.

Then we went home to Australia. After I got over my jetlag, me and my mum went and bought a wheelchair, a walker and things to help me move around the house.

I hate this more than anything. You should never take anything for granted. Even the little things, like using the bathroom.

Right now I would give anything to walk, but I will stay positive because things always get better in the end.

Erin x

Erin supported her friends right up until the end