December 14, 2015

Thank you to whoever sent me these photos of Erin from CureFest for Childhood Cancer 2013 – I hadn’t looked at them closely enough to see the little story behind these 3 photos. Erin brought lots of little kangaroos and koala bear stuffed toys to give out to the kids, this is her helping kids choose the little toys.

So here’s my little girl 12,000 miles away from home, speaking out for all children affected by cancer… shy little Erin, up and standing on a stage, representing Australia at the 1st CureFest DC with terminal brain cancer.
Thank you, everyone in America for loving my little girl, for giving her strength, making her feel normal, welcoming her into your community like a member of your family – I shall be forever grateful … Erin loved everyone she met and was really looking forward to coming back to America last year.

Before leaving the US last year, Mike and I talked about ‘where to from here’… what was I going to do? I told Mike I would try and bring what you loved and believed in to Australia – CureFest Australia for Childhood Cancer … I didn’t mention TheTruth365 for good reason, how was that meant to happen?

I miss you baby girl with all my heart, every minute of every day and I’m sorry I have not ‘stood my ground like you always did’ – Love you too bits xxx