I Am Cancer

Hello to you, I’m childhood cancer
I’ve heard kids say, I’ll be a dancer
Bit by bit, And day by day
I’ll try and take, that dream away
I’ll do my best, to take you down
I’m a nasty demon, not just a noun
Your leaders know it, but just don’t care
Of all the pain, kids have to bare
Those in power, allow me to pounce
I love to hear, young death announce
Until such times, of massive change
Your children’s lives, I’ll rearrange
I’ll keep on striving, to take young souls
Their hopes, their dreams, and all their goals
I know you hate, the words I write
But no more so, than kids in fight
Why not fight, stand up to me
Save kid’s lives, and set them free
Now’s the time, I too can be weak
All voices together, must stand up and speak
Those little lives, I thrive and seek
You should act now before I peak
I’ve taken millions, of you now
Those ones in charge, should not allow
Your Governments, it’s them I’d shame
Their lack of funding, they are to blame
The tax you pay is spent so wrong
As children die, their lives not long
Your Governments need, to open their eye
I’m the no.1 killer, of kids who die
Your leaders should be, acting now
No pain and suffering, they should allow
No one knows, why I appear
But when I strike, you’ll know I’m here
It is no secret, that here I’ll stay
Till research funds, take me away
At any age, I pounce and you die
But the years kids lose, are much too high
The kids are best, for me to kill
As lack of cures continues still

– Declan Griffin

Erin's first ever bald photoshoot at RMH Westmead Sydney November 13, 2013