April 30, 2015

Happy 15th birthday Erin. I know this is kind of early but I want to be first. You’re actually 15 today, I can’t believe how fast everything went. I remember when we were only 8-year-olds jumping around the place.

I’ll never forget the first day I met you, two weeks before your birthday 6 years ago. We instantly became best friends, because our accents were the same lol, it was amazing and it was the best and will always be the best 6 years of all my life. To think it was your 9th birthday party forever ago seems like just last year 🙁  Time flies, quite annoying really.

The feeling is indescribable, that I can’t even hear your voice or get to say one thing to you on your birthday, the first birthday without you, your first birthday I don’t get to spend with you like we have the past 6 years. Can’t even begin to tell you how that makes me feel.

This was the day we were meant to spend being complete weirdos and having a laugh together like we did every single day we were together. We were never not with each other! Until that stupid, horrible disease decided to take that from me at 14.

I miss you so much, it’s 9 months today you’ve been gone, 9 months I haven’t heard your annoying voice 😉 9 months I haven’t heard your laugh or you call me names, I miss it so much I can’t even deal with it.

I’ll never ever forget the memories you’ve left me with, the laughs, the cries, the everything we shared together. This is so hard, so hard I sometimes can’t even comprehend that you’re not with me every day, but I’ve got all your things and all your photos and everything you left me to remember us with and I am so so grateful to call you my best friend, my other half and my soul mate.

You’d usually be awake till 12.30 so you could remind me so many more times that it’s your birthday! You’re not even here to annoy the shit out of me anymore, but sometimes you still do 😉

Happy birthday Erin - love from your best friend Loren

Cancer will never define you, it will never to me and it shouldn’t to anyone else. You had cancer, I don’t know why it would happen to such an amazing little girl, but it did and that made you so so strong and the person you are now.

I am so proud of you Erin G g, I love you so so so much, more than anyone could ever imagine, don’t know where you are or what your doing just don’t be partying too hard without me, I miss you so much. Don’t know what I’ll be without you by my side every day.

These are such old photos like most of them but they’re the best memories I’ve had over the past years even though I look like 1000 kilos HAHA


I love you, Loren

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Happy Birthday Erin

Cancer will never define you, it will never to me and it shouldn’t to anyone else!