May 1, 2015, Erin should be celebrating her 15th birthday

I love you beautiful and I honestly don’t know what to say, life is brutal 🙁
I miss your smiles and beauty, your gorgeous deep blue eyes
I miss your sense of humour, your voice your laughs your cries
I miss being called your Mumma, I miss us being best friends
I miss your crazy dancing, your style, and fashion trends
I miss you being my girl, I feel like life’s a con
I even miss your cancer, cos without it you are gone
I miss my little everything, without you, I am lost
I’m mad that you died knowing, your life came down to cost
And when your eyes were pleading, to take this all away
You still had thoughts for others, for a cancer cure one day

Miss you beautiful girl, Mumma loves you xxxx

Erin's 13th birthday

I share this day of sadness with a wonderful friend who lost her 7-year-old son to DIPG 6 years ago. I am thinking of every parent I have met along this journey who walks beside me, who shares the eternal pain of losing their child.

Some of Erin’s quotes from her YouTube uploads

‘As a child, I shouldn’t have to think about people dying, or even myself dying’

‘Children with DIPG usually only live on average for 9 months, I see myself as lucky as I am approaching 2 years since my diagnosis’

‘I want to make a difference so kids don’t have to die from cancer’

‘I live with a terminal disease, who do you live with?’

‘Since I’ve been diagnosed with cancer I have met so many children, so many of them are dead now’

‘Children are dying every day all around the world and we aren’t doing much about it’

‘If someone had done something about this 10 years ago, all the little kids could be alive today’

‘I raise childhood cancer awareness in honour of my friends lost to cancer’

‘There are 10,000 children living with cancer right now, and I’m one of them’

‘I deserve to grow up, I don’t want to have cancer’

‘Childhood cancer is real, it could happen to your son, your daughter.. it could happen to anyone’

‘What’s it going to take for people to actually care about this? What is it going to take for people to actually care about me? Is my life not important? Is it because I’m just a kid’

‘I want my life back, I want my childhood back, I don’t want to have cancer’