September 2, 2014

Hi everyone this is Loren, Erin’s best friend. Amanda, Erin’s mum asked me to write something on Erin’s behalf before this page gets removed.

Everyone on here that sees this should think of Erin as thats little sweetheart that couldn’t hurt a soul. She fought her hardest and more than anyone could at 12 to 14 which is inspirational, couragous, selfless and brave most of all.

She is that girl that you could ask and assume anything of because she has such a massive personality.

She is intelligant, bubbly, shy, bitchy, hilarious, stupid, and one of the most amazing most caring and selfless people you will ever meet.

All of those virtues in one led her to be unbelievably strong. She kept going when times were tough and people would instantly give up, she didnt. She defied all the odds and kept soldiering on.

She may have passed but everyone that reads this may see her as someone that fought. Not someone who was taken by cancer.

Erin was and still is one of the most beautiful girls you’d ever meet. Her eyes sparkled constantly, she never had dullness in her eyes at all. She is bright and absolutely hilarious. Her funny personality made the world a better place for many, she had a lot to cry about but she never cried, she faced all those hard challeneges postivitly and got on with it. Something that many people can not do, not even adults.

Her friends and peers around her saw her as someone with masses amounts of determination and will to hold on for that long. She is an inspiration to all people around the world. This admiration I have for erin and always will, leads me to finish her fight and raise as much awareness possible so other families and children dont go through the same thing Erin did.

I personally will forever and always remember her as the active, shopaholic, little superstar as she was and as should the rest of you.

I’d like to thank every person on Erin’s behalf that remained with Erin and where there for her no matter what. Shes the kind of girl I’d like to be best friends with and I’m so unbelievably grateful I was there to make her smile.

Goodbye everyone and thank you for taking your time to read this.

Erin we’re here forever and always you wee superstar.

From your best friend Loren. xxxx