Cancer, cancer is everywhere
I hope these few words, you all will share
Cancer is trying to take my sister down,
But the disease she has, she’s taking to town
She fights back, every day
Wishing and hoping it goes away
Listen DIPG, Erin will have the final say
My sister will fight you, she’s here to stay
And yes with treatments, you lose your hair,
But in the big picture, it’s the least of the affair
So please everyone, lets Go Gold
Children get Cancer, not just the old
Currently, DIPG has no cure
The pain and losses we all endure
Childhood Cancer affects everyone
Destroys lives and takes their fun
And for a child, this is not right
That for their life, they must fight
For over 2 years, Erin has had no break
Battling away, with her life at stake
A doctor said, take her home to die
Two years those odds, she continues to defy
I’m so proud, to be her big brother
We both know, we’re here for each other
Kids are dying every day, where’s the fairness?
We are lacking in funding which begins with AWARENESS!
Go Gold, Go Gold, Go Gold

~ Declan Griffin

Erin and Declan February 2014 at Ronald McDonald House, Westmead Sydney - Erin was undergoing irradiation for DIPG progression

My sister Erin fought DIPG for 2.5 years