An Only Son

I am not just anyone
I am the friendly one
Perhaps not the chosen one
But sadly now an only son
I asked a friend, what has become
My life now feels forever glum
Back to being an only son
Very close to being done
The pain is here, with no more fun
Some people say, what’s done is done
That’s what makes my stomach churn
Back to being an only son
Her pain I feel did strongly burn
Only straight now, No time to turn
And believe you me, There’s no return
Forever now, An only son

by Declan Griffin

I wrote this post not long after cancer took my little sister down. Erin didn’t want to die. I’ll never forget that look in her eye. She was petrified and wanted to fight. She begged for drugs, was it not her right?

My sister and I were meant to grow up together. We planned on hanging around forever. Erin was going to keep me right. Now forever beyond my sight. Nothing about childhood cancer is right!

An only son

Erin wasn’t here to meet my son, Finlay Griffin was born April 9, 2017. But I will share everything about my amazing sister Erin with my son as he grows up.

An only son - Now I have a son