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Erin Griffin American gal 2013

Erin Griffin Forever 14

Erin Griffin, an inspirational teenager who dedicated her life to helping kids with cancer. Erin was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) on 17 Feb 2012 at the age of 11. She kept her diagnosis a secret for a year, worried about being treated differently, frightened of what others may think. Erin’s decision to go public was driven by her selfless character to advocate for the rights and needs of other kids fighting cancer.

Erin joined The Truth 365 Childhood Cancer Campaign in April 2013 and traveled to the U.S.A. twice on a mission to Raise International Childhood Cancer Awareness. Erin gave a speech at the first-ever CureFest For Childhood Cancer held on National Mall, CureFest DC, Washington on 1st September 2013. Travel plans were in place for Erin to return to America as TheTruth365’s international child advocate at CureFest 2014, however during a visit home to Scotland in July 2014, Erin’s tumor progressed rapidly. She returned home to Australia in a wheelchair 3 weeks later. Erin spent the last week of her life in Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital. The medical team expected Erin to die on Saturday 30th August, however, her heart continued beating for another 36 hours. Erin died at 12.50 am on Sep 1, 2014, less than an hour into International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Erin Griffin ~ September 1, 2013

“All childhood cancers need a cure and it isn’t fair that children are dying because there is no treatment for them. Children have their whole lives ahead of them. Kids are our future but lots of children with cancer don’t even get the chance to grow up because there is not enough awareness and not enough funding or treatments. There are children dying every day from cancer. This is not right and this needs to change”

Erin Griffin ~ September 1, 2013

Erin Griffin ~ Be A Voice Against Childhood Cancer @erinforever14